Dr. Koziel has helped me enormously with his treatments. He has relieved the back pain and soreness which I had suffered from. His attitude towards his work is most sincere and thorough and I recommend him wholeheartly. His overall approach to a complete healthy body and mind enhances his cure, I am sure, as it did mine.

Edward B.

Dr. Koziel has been my chiropractor for seven months, since his first emergency treatment alleviated pain and immobility in my right hip. His consideration and concern for the whole person has changed my diet, my attitude towards aging, and truly improved the quality of my life.

Thank You.

Ann C.

For many years I have suffered with back pain. One of my dear friends recommended me to Dr. Koziel. After receiving chiropractic care and following the doctor’s procedures and recommendations, my symptoms have totally disappeared. Now, several years after my visit with Dr. Koziel. I am most grateful to have had Dr. Koziel help me with my health issues. I’ve since recommended him to my entire family including my wife and my daughter who recently experienced injuries resulting from an automobile crash. We are very grateful for your help and assistance in resolving our health issues. From our entire family…thank you.

Rafail M.

Thirteen years ago, after all else had failed and out of desperation for relief from the severe headaches which lasted for days at a time, I reluctantly entered the family of Chiropractic patients. Today, I am convinced that Chiropractic is the way to long-term health. Certainly not a believer at that time, but with little to lose, I called Dr.Koziel who was referred to me. To my surprise, instead of being told that I would have to wait several days for an appointment to see the doctor, an appointment was made for me that evening. Already I was certain that this was a mistake. To get an appointment with a "good" doctor on such short notice was unheard of. After consulation, examination, x-rays and a report of findings the following day, I was beginning to feel better already. I felt that I had finally found a doctor who not only cared about me, but who understood the problem, its origin and how to correct it. My superstitions were correct. After a few weeks my headaches were, for the most part, gone. I began to notice that in addition to not having headaches, I was feeling better all over. I felt less tired, slept better, was not as achy - just better! Needless to say I was impressed with the results. I had been to numerous medical doctors who gave me various types of medications, none of which worked for any length of time. I began referring friends and while their results were, not necessarily was timely as mine, they were equally as successful. I was a true believer and a Chiropractic patient for life.

Susan B.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks to you and to share with your other patients my chiropractic experience. When I first visited your office, I was suffering from severe shoulder and back spasms, as well as chronic headaches. I had been to several doctors for treatment of this condition and unfortunately, had not been able to find relief. They had all prescribed medications which left me unable to perform my daily functions and in addition, I was not feeling any better. A friend of mine recommended chiropractic care, and I am now happy to say that for the first time I have noticed significant changes in the way I feel. Not only have the spasms and headaches been relieved, but I am finding it easier to cope with everyday stress as well. I would like to thank you, Dr. Koziel, not only for making me feel better, but also for being attentive and considerate. You have made it easier for me to express my complaints because for the first time, I feel that someone is really listening. I feel as though I have been under chiropractic care long enough to be able to recommend it to others who want to live pain-free and experience better overall health.

Jane M.

Last January I developed a pinched nerve in my neck which caused severe pain. Through chiropractic treatment they were able to get my neck back in place, thereby avoiding an operation, and getting the rest of my back in shape so that I could then again enjoy my favorite sport, golf. It was so successful that I played in the Finals of the Seniors Club Championship, and once again I am able to enjoy this sport. With periodic checkups I no longer have any problems. Thanks for keeping this 59 year old body in shape.

Sav F.