Manipulation Under Anesthesia

MUA, as it is referred to, is neither new nor experimental. It's actually been practiced since the late 1930s and used by osteopathic physicians and orthopedic surgeons for many years as a proven form of treatment. During the past several years, interest in MUA has greatly increased thanks to tremendous advances in anesthesiology. Today MUA is a multi-disciplinary outpatient procedure that takes place in a controlled hospital or ambulatory surgical setting, usually over the course of one to three days. Using specialized chiropractic techniques supported by the expertise of MD’s, anesthesiologists and RN’s, MUA achieves maximum results for qualified patients. Countless recent case studies and medical research continue to show that MUA is widely regarded as safe and effective and is gaining acceptance by the medical community at large. MUA can be a valuable procedure for people with chronic neck, back, and joint problems- conditions caused by long term disabilities, accidents, and injuries that have not been responsive to conventional treatment.

Common general indications that MUA could be effective include:

  1. chronic disk problems
  2. fibro adhesion buildup
  3. chronic myofacitis
  4. failed back surgery
  5. chronic re-injury
  6. torticollis
  7. intractable pain from neuro-musculoskeletal conditions
  8. bulging disk